You’re curious to know the difference between game design and game development. You may want to know what their roles are in the industry. This article will explain the differences between game development and design. In this article, I will also briefly discuss the roles of a developer or designer in the industry. Game design […]

What it Takes to Get Into Game Design: 10 Tried and True Methods

Do you feel like the video game industry is a closed-off, locked-in black box? It takes only one foot to get into the door. But how can you open it? Game development is an option. A solid strategy is all you need. You don’t have to search for “the right” way. There isn’t one. Instead, […]

Five Key Game Development Stages: An Inside Look at the Scenes

Everybody involved in the production and maintenance of video games understands that it is a complicated but essential process. This is why learning how to create a product that stands out is so important. However, only some companies can adequately build the workflow. This can lead to chaos and poor management. You can optimize and […]

How Can Gaming Technology Be Used In Film & TV Production? Post-Coronavirus

EXCLUSIVE: As a ray of hope appears at the end of the coronavirus lockdown tunnel (fingers crossed), the industry is focusing its efforts on preparing for a post-virus world. Whether it’s cast and crew isolation, on-set temperature tests, social distanced shootings, or extra hygiene procedures, the reality is that production will take a long time […]